When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

28458598Dimple Shah has it all figured out. With graduation behind her, she’s more than ready for a break from her family, from Mamma’s inexplicable obsession with her finding the “Ideal Indian Husband.” Ugh. Dimple knows they must respect her principles on some level, though. If they truly believed she needed a husband right now, they wouldn’t have paid for her to attend a summer program for aspiring web developers…right?

Rishi Patel is a hopeless romantic. So when his parents tell him that his future wife will be attending the same summer program as him—wherein he’ll have to woo her—he’s totally on board. Because as silly as it sounds to most people in his life, Rishi wants to be arranged, believes in the power of tradition, stability, and being a part of something much bigger than himself.

The Shahs and Patels didn’t mean to start turning the wheels on this “suggested arrangement” so early in their children’s lives, but when they noticed them both gravitate toward the same summer program, they figured, Why not?

Dimple and Rishi may think they have each other figured out. But when opposites clash, love works hard to prove itself in the most unexpected ways.


Happy Monday y’all!

It is officially August and I head back to school in two weeks (AHHHHHHH!). But all that means is that I have to finish all of the books I have been procrastinating to pick up for the past three months, because I can assure you, they will not be conquered over the fall….

But on to more important things, such as how I devoured When Dimple Met Rishi!!!! I bought this book back in June when it released, and over July I finally had the time to read it. I can’t tell you enough how much this book deserves a rave review.

Here are some of the things I LERVED about it:

  1. It followed a young women pursuing STEM! I’m entering my senior year of high school and I am currently pursuing Electrical Engineering, so it was great to connect with a protagonist who is struggling the same way I am. Sandhya Menon definitely had an informed perspective on tackling STEM as a girl.
  2. The book is told in dual perspectives, so not only do you get to gush about Rishi with Dimple, you get to hear from Rishi and all of his sweetness!!!!!!!
  3. Although it touched on STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math), the book never bored me. (P.S. Even though I love all things PHYSICS and PROGRAMMING, I can only take enough jibber jabber about it:))

For the first time in a while, there wasn’t anything that bothered me. I give this read a 5/5, pat on the back, two thumbs up! (And if you follow my reviews, you know this book must be legendary for a 5/5 star rating.)

If any of you have any recommendations for books to read following WDMR, lmk in the comments below! Here in Chicago it is sunny and a bit chilly (my favorite weather ensemble)…. which means that I am in the mood to read…. and devour as many novels as possible….


XXXXX always, N


P. S. A Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone review will be up soon hopefully! I am half way through my first read of Harry Potter’s adventures in book one.


June Wrap-Up!

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 1.26.59 PM.png

Happy Summer everyone!! It’s July 1st, so you know what that means? A MONTHLY RECAP of all the wonderful books I read in June. And as usual, in the summer I read A LOT. During second semester (and the beginning of 2017), I completely lagged on my reading challenge because of all the junior year craziness: SAT’s, ACT’s, AP Testing, and SCHOOL :(((( . But now it’s time to celebrate, because I read A WHOPPING 13 BOOKS in June. THIRTEEN!!!


So here they are: the thirteen books I read in June, ordered from my favorite – least favorite (as best as I could!!).

  1. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas…. y’all saw this one coming. I devoured this book in two days. All 700 Pages. And then I was in a reading slump for 5 days. It was amazing, and I’m going to be posting about the ACOTAR series soon:)19019377.gif
  2. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I am so happy that I jumped into the Raven Cycle series (and finished it) this month. I am so excited to start her next book All the Crooked Saints (I grabbed an ARC at ALA) which releases in October!
  3. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I adored Shatter Me, and I am so happy I took Nora’s recommendation to read this lovely book:)))
  4. We Are Okay by Nina LaCour. This is one of the most meaningful books I’ve read so far this year. Nina developed such a wonderful story that taught me soooo much (if you’re looking for a great LGBTQ+ book, try this one out!).
  5. The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. This book taught me so much about war and loss and hope. I read this in school, and it was one of the most informative books I have ever read. If you’re interested in war, war stories, or how soldiers cope with immense fear at war, READ THIS BOOK!
  6. Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes. Reread! Nora and I love this book so much, and we are always talking about how this book may be the MOST UNDERRATED book that ever existed. GO read this book if you’re looking for a lighthearted contemporary read that will make you sob (also Nora has a full review of GATU).
  7. The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater. What a GREAT end to a GREAT series. I am so sad that Blue, Gansey, Adam, Noah, and Ronan’s story has come to an end, but I’m so happy to have met them:) REVIEW OF THE SERIES TO COME!
  8. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. How is Leigh Bardugo’s book #8 on this list? That is how great this month’s reading was! But to be completely honest, I really enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait to read more from this series! Not my favorite Bardugo book, but still wonderful.
  9. When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. What an ADORABLE book! I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a lighthearted summer read! I PRAISE this book (and it was really awesome learning about Indian culture).
  10. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessan. I loved reading this book. Definitely a must-read for the summertime!
  11. Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley. I really enjoyed reading this book! There were some things that I disliked about the plot, but I’m glad I had the time to read Words in Deep Blue:) AND who couldn’t love a book that takes place in a book shop!!
  12. The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. I just can’t seem to find a spot to put book #2 and #3 of the Raven Cycle Series, so they are down here! LOVED this book though  :)))
  13. Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater.


AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! All the books I read in June! I would LOVE to here what you read in June and LOVED! I need book recommendations for July!!!

Posts coming soon:

1)ALA Book-haul and overview

2) All things ACOTAR, ACOMAF, and ACOWAR!!! It’s time to talk Sarah J Maas :)))

3) Review of The Raven Cycle Series by Maggie Stiefvater!

For now, that’s goodbye!



Starting to query…

Happy Thursday, friends!

I finished the edits up for my recent writing project. I have been working on it for nearly a year now, and it terrifies me that I will finally be bringing it to the eyes of many talented professionals (BUT, I am elated that it has finally come together!).

Fellow readers and writers, if you have any insight for me, please comment below!!! I need all of the love and insight as I finish writing my queries and begin to send them out.


Once and For All by Sarah Dessen

32078787.jpgLouna, daughter of famed wedding planner Natalie Barrett, has seen every sort of wedding: on the beach, at historic mansions, in fancy hotels and clubs. Perhaps that’s why she’s cynical about happily-ever-after endings, especially since her own first love ended tragically. When Louna meets charming, happy-go-lucky serial dater Ambrose, she holds him at arm’s length. But Ambrose isn’t about to be discouraged, now that he’s met the one girl he really wants. 

Sarah Dessen’s many, many fans will adore her latest, a richly satisfying, enormously entertaining story that has everything—humor, romance, and an ending both happy and imperfect, just like life itself.


Happy Summer everyone!

We are back from our junior year break. I deeply apologize for being MIA, but I can assure you at least two book reviews per week will be posted for the rest of summer here. I am so happy to be back reviewing!

Now, it’s time for my first review of June. I’ve been waiting for Once and For All for months now, as Sarah Dessen never fails to WOW me, and I’m so happy that I got to finally binge read it!

Once and For All follows a young girl, Louna, who works under her mother in her wedding planning business. At one of the many chaotic weddings, Louna meets Ambrose: a free-spirit who makes Louna itch in every scenario. After Ambrose’s mother weds to a third husband, Louna is tasked with planning the rest of the Natalie Barrett Weddings of the summer… with Ambrose by her side.

I’ll get right into the likes and dislikes!!!

What I LURVED about Dessen’s most recent publication:

  1. Louna was nothing like your average contemporary character. Her fresh insight and struggles kept me reading through out my entire binge! The worst thing that an author can do is create a static, dull character. Dessen strayed away from anything of this sort (as ALWAYS!).
  2. The story didn’t follow a perfect couple- with the perfect beginning, middle and end. Relationships are hard work. I was thrilled that Dessen addressed this in OAFA.
  3. MINI SPOILER ALERT: Dessen highlights a tragic reality- school shootings- in such a honest manner. The way she weaved this narrative was incredible.

What I DIDNT LURVE about Dessen’s most recent publication:

  1. Ambrose and Louna make a bet. It stands as a major plot point and brings progression to the characters as people in the novel. It didn’t feel like the bet was really incorporated into the plot well. I just wish the idea had a larger significance for the characters and their growth.

That’s it! The pros definitely outweigh the cons, here! I really think that Dessen has raised the bar with this one on originality. I give it two thumbs up and a big smile! Let me know if you all have been reading OAFA and what you think about it.


The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

sky_375wSeventeen-year-old Lennie Walker, bookworm and band geek, plays second clarinet and spends her time tucked safely and happily in the shadow of her fiery older sister, Bailey. But when Bailey dies abruptly, Lennie is catapulted to center stage of her own life – and, despite her nonexistent history with boys, suddenly finds herself struggling to balance two. Toby was Bailey’s boyfriend; his grief mirrors Lennie’s own. Joe is the new boy in town, a transplant from Paris whose nearly magical grin is matched only by his musical talent. For Lennie, they’re the sun and the moon; one boy takes her out of her sorrow, the other comforts her in it. But just like their celestial counterparts, they can’t collide without the whole wide world exploding.

This remarkable debut is perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen, Deb Caletti, and Francesca Lia Block. Just as much a celebration of love as it is a portrait of loss, Lennie’s struggle to sort her own melody out of the noise around her is always honest, often hilarious, and ultimately unforgettable.


Hey fellow everyone!

So it’s been a while since I had the chance to blog! I have lots to catch up on, since I finally finished draft TWO of my book! Kelly is going to read it ASAP and give me feedback, so I can continue editing the crap out of it!

Between hours of edits, I was able to read this beautiful book, The Sky is Everywhere, my first read from Jandy Nelson, even though Kelly has been raving about I’ll Give You the Sun since it was published. So here we go… review time!

The Sky is Everywhere follows a teenage girl, Lennie, who is in the midst of mourning her sister’s death when she meets the new boy in band, Joe. Joe is perfect for Lennie. They share a love for music, he is super cute, and she feels like she can escape her past when she’s with him.

The only issue is that she’s been secretly seeing her dead sister’s boyfriend.

I figured when I started this book I would totally hate Lennie for being selfish enough to see her sister’s boyfriend. I was wrong.

The voice in this book was written so well and was entirely true to Lennie’s life. I’ve been told so many great things about the way Nelson tells this story and I am in complete agreement. It tells the story of two people who are mourning the loss of a loved one in an entirely twisted scenario, but is written so eloquently I have to mourn with them.

I connected with Lennie, not because I have dated my sister’s boyfriend (lol), but because I could almost feel the underlying pain coming off the pages.

Lastly, I loved the setting Lennie’s story was told in. Lennie’s mother left her and her sister, Bailey, when they were little, and so she is living with her grandmother and uncle as this all goes down. Their perspectives and insight to Lennie were a crucial part to the story. I got quite a few laughs.

Despite being frustrated on multiple occasions for Lennie’s actions, I really liked the story Jandy Nelson told. I would easily recommend it to anyone looking for a meaningful read.

4.5/5 stars!!! Give this book a shot.


P.S. Who’s ready for some AWESOME reads in 2017?!?!

Favorite Fictional BFFs, Boyfriends & enemies

Happy Sunday everyone!!

As the end of the year is coming (only 2.5 more months), I have lately been reminiscing the books that I have read in 2016. I have read so many wonderful books, and I keep thinking about all of the wonderful characters I have grown to love over this past year. 

I now have decided to put together a group of some of my favorite book BFFs, boyfriends, and enemies that I personally have come to love (and hate) over the past 10 months. For the BFFs & boyfrieds, I wish I could have them by my side in everyday life! For the enemies, I am very glad they are fictional characters that I will never have to come face-to-face with. 

I am now going to start with my absolute favorite…

I have fallen in love with far more fictional boys as compared to boys in real life, and it is a problem! When a book tries to tell me that fictional boys exist in real life, I’m always thinking…

So here is my time to spill to you all the fictional boyfriends that I have crushed on (I’m SOOO excited!!)

1). JOHN AMBROSE McCLAREN (for life) from P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han!! I have always been team John Ambrose McClaren, sorry Peter Kavinski fans(I honestly love Peter too), but John is such a sweetheart. My mom always says to me “there are the boys you date and the boys you marry,” and I believe that John Ambrose McClaren is the boy you date AND MARRY!! When he showed up at Lara Jean’s house all dressed up for her, my heart nearly melted. When Lara Jean and John danced together, I knew that they were soul mates.


I am dying for Always and Forever, Lara Jean to be released in April. I am really hoping that Lara Jean and John end up together, but most importantly I hope that John has the happy ending his heart deserves!

2). Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Kaz. Kaz. Kaz. Kaz + Inej = happiness! Kaz gives off the impression that he is coldhearted and wants nothing to do with a relationship, but everyone knows deep down inside he is in love with Inej. His grumpiness is just a protection to being hurt by her. He acts weird around Inej, yet he is always looking after her. I have come to the conclusion that he is a complete sweetheart. 100%.

3). Frank Porter from Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson. Frank Porter may be my favorite fictional boyfriend. Emily, the female protagonist of SYBG, spends her summer completing a bucket-list in order to bring back her best friend, Sloane, from her secret departure from Stanwich, Connecticut. Frank Porter is the one that makes this all possible. Frank spends his early mornings running, and late nights in the lake or at the Apple Orchard, helping Emily. The sad part is that Frank has a very seriously studious girlfriend who is spending the summer at Princeton. Roadblock!!! With his girlfriend in another state, Frank and Emily begin to build feelings for each other.

giphy.gifMy favorite thing about Frank: he is the sweetest fictional guy I have ever known. I could go on and on about how WONDERFUL Frank Porter is, but I think you all get my point!

Now we must continue on to….



  1. Addie from Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch: Lina (the protagonist of the story) is persuaded by her mother to go visit the dad she has never met in Italy. After her mother’s death, Lina packs up her life and goes to Italy. Lina leaves behind her forever best friend Addie. Addie is always Skyping or calling Lina when Lina is homesick or is having boy problems. on the other side of the world, Addie helps Lina find a home in Italy. Every girl needs a friend like Addie!

2)  Jessica from Twilight (and New Moon & Eclipse & Breaking Dawn) by Stephanie Meyer. Every group of girls has that one friend that is always outspoken. Jessica, who is Bella’s new bestie from Forks in Twilight, is always judging Bella and obsessing over Mike. Maybe I wouldn’t want to be actual friends with Jessica, but I always laugh when I am reading or watching Twilight because I have a friend who reminds me SOOO much of Jessica. I always want to say, “keep your thoughts to yourself!!”


Last, but not least…. Book enemies!!


1)All villainous characters from Jenny Han’s Books. From To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I absolutely despise Genevieve. If I could chose one person I hate the most in the world, fictional or not, it would be  Genevieve. She is always messing with Peter, and messing with Lara Jean, and messing with PETER AND LARA JEAN being together, and I have had enough of it. If she continues to ruin LJ & P’s relationship in Always and Forever, Lara Jean, I may spend my life crying myself to sleep. I also greatly disliked Mary from Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian’s Burn For Burn series. I honestly loved her all the way up until the ending of the second book, Fire with Fire. Jenny Han always seems to know how to play with my heart-strings, and I know she will continue to do so in Always and Forever, Lara Jean. Why are you torturing me Jenny Han?!?!

2) Afred from Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. Alfred is a Nazi soldier aboard a ship of refugees during WWII. Alfred may be one of the most closed-minded, heartless, awful fictional characters I have ever met. He is so unaware of what is going on in the world during such a gruesome war. One of the things I most loved about this book and Ruta Sepetys’ writing is the contrast between beautiful characters, and horrible characters like Alfred. I was so fascinated by his idiocy; this aspect of the book kept me on my toes. If you are looking for a great villainous character, Alfred, and Salt to the Sea, is the one for you!!


That is it everyone!! You now have learned my favorite fictional BFF’s, boyfriends, and enemies of 2016 so far!!  I’d love to hear from you all about your favorites : )))

Thanks for listening everyone (if you have made it to this point, you are wonderful!!)

Sincerely, K

Favorite (and least favorite) book to Movie Adaptations

Happy Tuesday!!!!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting. I have had so much going on the past month. (But that’s no excuse!!) Now that Cross Country is coming to a close, I will have more time to read and review!

So for now, I want to talk about my top 5 best book to movie adaptations, and my top 5 worst!!!


  1. Allegiant (the first half of the book) was by far the worst movie adaptation that I have ever seen. As you may know, they cancelled the second installment for the #1 NYT bestselling novel due to the horrific reviews and box office results. The way that they split the book up for the movie was unappealing, and I just can’t really say that there were any good parts about it. Sorry!!!mybad.gif
  2. Paper Towns was not my favorite because I felt that the book was mediocre in my opinion, and I felt that with the cast they had, it was going to be much better once everything was put together. After I watched the movie, I remembered why I didn’t like the book.tumblr_nvvyhowKUN1qb9pa3o1_500.gif
  3. The Host was highly anticipated, as it was the beginning of Stephanie Meyer’s next film endeavor. I was young when I saw it at the midnight premiere, and thought it was pretty good, but once I watched it a few years later after another read, I understood why Stephanie hasn’t finished the next book…
  4. The Fifth Wave is one of my favorite books. Even though I am disappointed with what happened in the end of Cassie’s story, I was excited to see it adapted into a film. After I saw the movie at the premiere, I was a bit disappointed because the plot of the book was altered for the movie, and I didn’t feel like Cassie was portrayed well in the way I read her perspective in the novel.tumblr_inline_myqka37iqy1rom0ci.gif
  5. If I Stay was a blur of multiple scenes, which was different in the novel. Even though they were set up the same way, the book was much more clear on what was going on and what point we were at.



  1. The Fault in Our Stars may have been the best movie adaptation known to man. I want to say that John Green’s book was better than the movie, as any book should be, but the movie went above and beyond. The cast did incredible justice to Hazel’s life, and I just want to give a big HIGH FIVE to everyone who put the movie together. giphy.gif
  2. The Help was done beautifully. That’s all I have to say.
  3. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is my guilty pleasure. Every time I am in a bad mood, I turn it on and watch both of the movies. Although the second film was not as good as the first, I truly enjoyed both of them.
  4. Twilight Series…… I have to say I saw the movies before I read the books, which may be why I think that the movies were done so well.e7c9f3d6bc88fcc2365cef4837276177.gif
  5. Catching Fire!!! Even though their were bad reviews on the last installment to the trilogy in the fourth movie, I believe that Suzanne Collin’s novel was done justice in the movies. The best film of them all in my opinion was the second, because the plot was captivating and followed closely to the novel’s plot. tumblr_m39qjapt9q1qaqu1ro1_250.gif

Let me know if I missed any great (or not so great) movie adaptations. I am looking for a few more to read and watch, if I haven’t already!




YA Fandom Frenzy

Hey everyone!!

IMG_1710.JPGYA Fandom Frenzy is a book convention that is ran by my local bookstore, Anderson’s Bookshop. Anderson’s Bookshop has been around for more than 50 years, and there are currently three locations. The newest location, which has been around for a little over a year, is one mile from my house. I absolutely LOVE the store because of the merchandise, how close it is to my house, and the abundance of signings that are held there. I was able to go to a signing for Sabaa Tahir, Leigh Bardugo, Adam Silvera, and David Arnold all in September. It was a great month!!

YA Fandom Frenzy brings together almost 40 wonderful authors to spend the day with teen readers. Unfortunately, N was unable to come with me because she had work, so I went unaccompanied.

When I walked into the convention, there were table everywhere where some people had began to seat themselves. I saw a group of friendly girls, and decided to sit down at their table. I am so glad I did because the girls were all so fun and welcoming.

Every author was assigned to a table of readers. The author of 26 Kisses, Anna Michels, was assigned to our table. I sat next to her, so I was able to talk to her about publishing. Since Nora is in the process of editing her book, and will soon transition to finding a literary agent, Anna told me a lot about her experience publishing her book. It was so nice talking to her!

When the event started, we did speed dating. Every author was given three minutes to talk about themselves and their book. Some of the authors were absolutely hilarious. I was laughing so hard for the majority of the time.

Before lunch, there were a couple of rounds of “would you rather.” Some of the topics were “eat double stuffed oreos or vanilla oreos” and “chose narwhals or unicorns.” The authors also had to talk about their worst haircut. I absolutely loved this, it was so funny listening to them!!

During lunch, we were able to eat and go to the bookstore. As you all know me, I went into the bookstore with my wallet in hand and ready to buy the whole place. I bought four books: Holding Up the Universe, All the Bright Places (which I had already read), Our Chemical Hearts, and The Serpent King. I cannot wait to read them!!

After lunch we finished up the speed dating with the authors that had not yet spoken, and then we started the Book Trivia Challenge!! This was one of my favorite parts, some of the rounds included “name the book based on these emojis” and “which actor played in both of these movies based on books.” Our team didn’t win, but we had a great time!!

After all the games were over, it was SIGNING TIME!!! I jumped out of my seat and made my way to have my books signed!

The first person who signed my book was Traci Chee, the author of The Reader. I brought my arc I got at BookCon, and we chatted about the hidden messages in the book. Traci was one of the nicest authors I have ever met, I am so glad I was able to speak with her!

I also was able to speak to Paula Stokes, who wrote Girl Against The Universe, and many other popular titles. Paula Stokes is very important to N, as N decided to write her book after reading Girl Against the Universe!! Paula Stokes was so nice, and she loved hearing how her book inspired Nora to write her own YA contemporary novel.

I then spoimg_1679ke with Krystal Sutherland, the author of Our Chemical Hearts!! I had been waiting for this book to come out for a couple of months, and I was overjoyed to be able to speak with Krystal. Krystal is from Australia, and her accent was the coolest thing!

Next I spoke to Jeff Zentner, the author of The Serpent King. Jeff was so welcoming, and he explained a quote from the book for me. Talking to him was a highlight of my day!


img_1683The second to last author I spoke to was Jennifer Niven. When I spoke to Jennifer, I gushed to her how good All the Bright Places was for me and how it has helped so many readers like myself! Jennifer was so kind, she asked that I sign her book while she signed mine. I asked to take a picture with her, and she was ecstatic! After our picture, she asked if we could take a selfie, AND SHE ENDED UP POSTING IT ON INSTAGRAM!! I was so excited when I saw myself on her account! Jennifer is the best!



img_1682The last person I spoke to was Julie Buxbaum. I started off by telling her how much I love Tell Me Three Things, and how it is one of my favorite books of the year. I then went on to tell her how I was a bookblogger, and whenever someone asks for a contemporary recommendation, Tell Me Three Things is my response! We also were able to take a photo! As I started to walk away, she sincerely thanked me for spreading the word about her book, and asked that I continue to advocate for Tell Me Three Things. Speaking to Julie was probably my favorite signing!!


Well, there you go, that was a very long post to a very great day. Soon after the signings finished, I left YA Fandom Frenzy, sad that I would have to wait another year to experience such a great day!

Thanks for listening everyone, I had a great time gushing about a wonderful day. I am still experiencing fandom frenzy withdrawals : (…..

I feel absolutely horrible for being so inactive on our website. I have been incredibly busy this past month between classes and our bookstagram. If you guys follow onebooktwogirls on instagram, you would see that I post every other day, and am constantly responding to messages. It sometimes is hard to put away time to get on my computer and blog to you all. I am incredibly sorry for this, but I promise that I will start posting weekly here to you all. Thanks for all the support guys : )!!!

Sincerely, K


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Ke23437156tterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price—and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…
A convict with a thirst for revenge.
A sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager.
A runaway with a privileged past.
A spy known as the Wraith.
A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.
A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes. 

Kaz’s crew are the only ones who might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first.


Hey everyone!

It has been quite a while since I have been able to write to you all. This past month has been very crazy for me. I started my junior year of high school, where I find myself taking 5 AP classes (I know, I am CRAZY). I find myself having to stay up until 12:30am on week nights just to get to read, and I think all of you book lovers will agree with the saying “read more, sleep less!” As some of you know, I am a cross country runner at my school. At the beginning of my season (and the school year), I got pretty sick. Last year I was out of school for 6 weeks because of pneumonia, and did some pretty bad lung damage. The lung damage came back to haunt me at the first week of practice, and because of my sickness my doctor advised that I quite cross country and run on my own (at a non-competitive level). This is why I have left you all for such a long time. I am super sorry, but am BEYOND happy to be back writing to you all about the wonderful books I have read on my leap of absence. Thank you for being so understanding!

N&I each plan on bringing you one blog post per week, whether it be a dual review, an inside look at an author event, or a monthly wrap-up/book haul. It’s time to GET EXCITED!!

now forget about me, let’s talk about this AMAZING book!!

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is the book that got me into my August fantasy-filled book binge. I always thought that I wasn’t a big fantasy reader, but in this past month I have become a new person (who LOVES fantasy)!!

Here’s what I LOVE about Six of Crow:

This book is absolutely B E A U T I F U L. The chapter titles had the perfect little drawings. The sides of the pages were panted black, which fit the book wonderfully. The presentation truly brought the book to life.

I am usually not the biggest fan of a book that follows multiple perspectives, but this book left me feeling different. I often find myself overwhelmed by hearing from multiple characters, but hearing from each character helped develop such an interesting plot. I began to fall in love with each and every character.

The flashbacks within Six of Crows helped the plot tremendously. Without these snippets to the past, I wouldn’t have been able to understand the multiple relationships within the story. Another reason why I am a huge fan of flashbacks is because I love getting to know the young and naive version of a character. Seeing a character grow is what makes books wonderful!

Kaz is such a sweetheart. He has such a tough personality on the outside, but as the reader gets to know him, we can see that this shell he creates is just to protect himself from being hurt.

Each and every character within Six of Crows was crafted to perfection. I feel like I got a little of everything by reading this story.

The contrast between Kaz & Inej’s relationship versus Nina and Matthias was a really cool piece of this book. Thanks Leigh!!

Now that you all understand my crazy love of this book, here is what I didn’t like as much:

I feel like the ending wasn’t placed in the right spot. I do not know how to explain this feeling, but I felt like I needed a little more from this book (maybe that’s why there is a second book coming)!

My only other complaint is that this book is a DUOLOGY. I really wish that this book were a trilogy, but maybe I am asking too much of Leigh.

I am SOOO excited for Crooked Kingdom which is being released in late September. I have tickets for a signing to meet Leigh Bardugo, and I can’t wait (I follow Leigh on instagram and her stories are beyond hilarious)!!

I hope I have convinced you all to pick up a copy of this magnificent book! I can’t explain how happy I am to be back and writing to you all, thank you to everyone for all the support:)

Until next time,

Sincerely, K


A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

ATorchAgainstTheNight_CV 4.14 Elias and Laia are running for their lives.
After the events of the Fourth Trial, Martial soldiers hunt the two fugitives as they flee the city of Serra and undertake a perilous journey through the heart of the Empire.

Laia is determined to break into Kauf – the Empire’s most secure and dangerous prison – to save her brother, who is the key to the Scholars’ survival. And Elias is determined to help Laia succeed, even if it means giving up his last chance at freedom.

But dark forces, human and otherworldly, work against Laia and Elias. The pair must fight every step of the way to outsmart their enemies: the bloodthirsty Emperor Marcus, the merciless Commandant, the sadistic Warden of Kauf, and, most heartbreaking of all, Helene – Elias’s former friend and the Empire’s newest Blood Shrike.

Bound to Marcus’s will, Helene faces a torturous mission of her own – one that might destroy her: find the traitor Elias Veturius and the Scholar slave who helped him escape… and kill them both.


Hey everyone!!

So I got the arc of A Torch Against the Night back in May at Bookcon, and didn’t have the chance to pick it up until a week ago. (I know, everyone thinks I’m crazy for not devouring it right away). Once I got into it, though, it was incredible!!!

There were a lot of things that baffled me when I was reading the book. Let me warn you that you are going to be mind blown (and a little sad but then again happy) about a MAJOR plot twist in one of the characters.

Aside from the characters, the plot was incredibly interesting as they were traveling on the road. We definitely get to see a new side to some of our old friends, so you can definitely look forward to that.

I will not spoil, but when you pick up this book and read it in one sitting on Tuesday, I warn you that there will be a few tears shed.

I was fortunate enough to receive the book early, so I thought that I would gift you all with this review two days before the release:).

Things I really enjoyed:

  1. Everything made a lot of sense when I was reading it because all of the details were laid out. Sabaa Tahir does a wonderful job with her descriptors, so I was grateful for that.
  2. The chemistry between all of the characters was magnificent. Every emotion that a character felt was displayed beautifully, so it was really refreshing and emotional to read. (I love a good laugh/cry in a book)
  3. The kids went on the road for some travel, which is always fun to read. The entire gang that finds themselves together is quite the bunch, so it was funny in a few instances but dramatic in most. (Not that that isn’t a good thing:))
  4. Getting to hear more from Elias was radical. I always loved his demeanor and character as I read the first novel, so reading more from his perspective was lovely.

The only thing I didn’t like was…

  1. Having Helene’s point of view in the book. I never really liked Helene because of the role she had in Elias’ life, so I am pretty biased, but I understood that her side of the story was integral in piecing together all of the parts.

If you have been waiting on your knees for this book to come out, I hope I brought you some sort of happiness during this review. I would recommend this to anyone who liked the first story, and maybe even to those who didn’t because the second book in this series may have topped the first in my book…

Happy Reading!