Favorite (and least favorite) book to Movie Adaptations

Happy Tuesday!!!!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting. I have had so much going on the past month. (But that’s no excuse!!) Now that Cross Country is coming to a close, I will have more time to read and review!

So for now, I want to talk about my top 5 best book to movie adaptations, and my top 5 worst!!!


  1. Allegiant (the first half of the book) was by far the worst movie adaptation that I have ever seen. As you may know, they cancelled the second installment for the #1 NYT bestselling novel due to the horrific reviews and box office results. The way that they split the book up for the movie was unappealing, and I just can’t really say that there were any good parts about it. Sorry!!!mybad.gif
  2. Paper Towns was not my favorite because I felt that the book was mediocre in my opinion, and I felt that with the cast they had, it was going to be much better once everything was put together. After I watched the movie, I remembered why I didn’t like the book.tumblr_nvvyhowKUN1qb9pa3o1_500.gif
  3. The Host was highly anticipated, as it was the beginning of Stephanie Meyer’s next film endeavor. I was young when I saw it at the midnight premiere, and thought it was pretty good, but once I watched it a few years later after another read, I understood why Stephanie hasn’t finished the next book…
  4. The Fifth Wave is one of my favorite books. Even though I am disappointed with what happened in the end of Cassie’s story, I was excited to see it adapted into a film. After I saw the movie at the premiere, I was a bit disappointed because the plot of the book was altered for the movie, and I didn’t feel like Cassie was portrayed well in the way I read her perspective in the novel.tumblr_inline_myqka37iqy1rom0ci.gif
  5. If I Stay was a blur of multiple scenes, which was different in the novel. Even though they were set up the same way, the book was much more clear on what was going on and what point we were at.



  1. The Fault in Our Stars may have been the best movie adaptation known to man. I want to say that John Green’s book was better than the movie, as any book should be, but the movie went above and beyond. The cast did incredible justice to Hazel’s life, and I just want to give a big HIGH FIVE to everyone who put the movie together. giphy.gif
  2. The Help was done beautifully. That’s all I have to say.
  3. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is my guilty pleasure. Every time I am in a bad mood, I turn it on and watch both of the movies. Although the second film was not as good as the first, I truly enjoyed both of them.
  4. Twilight Series…… I have to say I saw the movies before I read the books, which may be why I think that the movies were done so well.e7c9f3d6bc88fcc2365cef4837276177.gif
  5. Catching Fire!!! Even though their were bad reviews on the last installment to the trilogy in the fourth movie, I believe that Suzanne Collin’s novel was done justice in the movies. The best film of them all in my opinion was the second, because the plot was captivating and followed closely to the novel’s plot. tumblr_m39qjapt9q1qaqu1ro1_250.gif

Let me know if I missed any great (or not so great) movie adaptations. I am looking for a few more to read and watch, if I haven’t already!





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