The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Unknown-1 For some people, silence is a weapon. For Mallory “Mouse” Dodge, it’s a shield. Growing up, she learned that the best way to survive was to say nothing. And even though it’s been four years since her nightmare ended, she’s beginning to worry that the fear that holds her back will last a lifetime.

Now, after years of homeschooling with loving adoptive parents, Mallory must face a new milestone—spending her senior year at public high school. But of all the terrifying and exhilarating scenarios she’s imagined, there’s one she never dreamed of—that she’d run into Rider Stark, the friend and protector she hasn’t seen since childhood, on her very first day.

It doesn’t take long for Mallory to realize that the connection she shared with Rider never really faded. Yet the deeper their bond grows, the more it becomes apparent that she’s not the only one grappling with the lingering scars from the past. And as she watches Rider’s life spiral out of control, Mallory faces a choice between staying silent and speaking out—for the people she loves, the life she wants, and the truths that need to be heard.


Hey everyone!

The first thing I want to say about this book is that the cover is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful, am I right???

And the book doesn’t fall short from it.

The Problem with Forever follows two teens, Mallory, “Mouse”, and Rider. They grew up together in an abusive foster home and were separated after an accident when they were tweens. Now it’s four years later and Mallory has her first day at a new school. It’s speech class and guess who walks in after four years of silence. The Rider Stark.

This book is beyond beautiful. It brings light to child abuse and the endless aftermaths. I praise this book for the ease it was to read and the depth of the plot and characters.

I also loved seeing the characters grow and come to terms with what they faced as children, along with their current dilemmas.

Mallory was lucky enough to have a second chance at life with her new family, but continues to empathize for Rider throughout his challenges. I found this to be quite refreshing.

Rider picks up where he left off by protecting Mallory despite his current obligations. He is a friend to many, but struggles with his own responsibilities. It was cool to see him balance the weight of his own challenges and try to help his friends and family with their own.

I could keep going with my happiness, but I think you all get the point…

This is where I would put my negatives, but for the first time in forever, I don’t have any!

If you are looking for a contemporary to pick up at the library/bookstore, go for this one ladies and gents!

5 stars, two high fives, and a big thumbs up to Armentrout.

Until next time, N


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